Our Team



   Victoria De Angelis


Our Story began in 2000 when my fourth daughter Victoria was born. She was a healthy seven pound girl with an Apgar score of nine. She was a bundle of joy, but after her 1st birthday we noticed something wasn't right. Victoria started suffering from multiple seizures, and at the age of two Victoria was given a 50/50 chance of living. Victoria had regressed to a three month old infant. Several doctors and therapists told me that she may never walk or talk.

As a parent, the diagnosis was unacceptable. We needed to do something, we needed to ensure that her surroundings would be positive and not have any obstacles or limitations. It was a long road and it was not an easy one but we were determined to take on all the challenges that came our way.

I strongly believe in therapy, I watched how the Physio, Speech andOccupational therapist would do their work, and then applied the same technique at home. We are happy to say that she has thrived in all areas of development.

Today I feel very passionate about helping families that have a child or children with special needs. Through the funding that is raised we would like to provide children of under- privileged families the therapy required.

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Maddie Pettigrosso

President and Founder

Maddie is the President and Founder of the Montreal Special Needs Family Organization.  She is a wife, a

mother of 4 girls and works full time as a preferred customer service representative for a large corporation.

 Maddie has a special needs child, Victoria, and is devoted to her development so she can be autonomous and

contribute in her own special way to society.  Victoria is the motivation for the creation of the Montreal

Special Needs Family Organization. Although, Maddie works full time she volunteers with difference

organizations, she is on the Board of Directors for the Peter Hall School and is VP Membership for the

Federal Liberal Electoral Association for the riding of Dorval Lachine Lasalle.   Maddie is the founder of this

wonderful organization, she also puts so much of her time and energy and is always smiling.   Her amazing

amount of energy is a blessing to this organization. 



Diana Pettigrosso

Vice President

Diana is the Vice President of the Montreal Special Needs Family Organization.  She is a wife and a mother of

 two children, a boy and a girl.  She works full time as an administrative assistant.  

Diana brings her family relationship to the MSNF organization and she is the sister to the founder,  Maddie

Pettigrosso and aunt to our special lady, Victoria De Angelis.  Diana has created her own line of natural spa

creations and brings her organizational skills as well as her wonderful personality and smile to MSNF




                               Patricia( Pat) Marshall                         

     Managing Director

Pat is a volunteer with the organization and brings her more than 50 years of experience in business, program

and project management in aerospace, defence, and the private sector and has written numerous documents. She

has worked with clients in Canada in both the public and private sectors.  She just became a volunteer with MSNF

in the last number of months and brings a great deal of experience in project and program planning.  Previously

she volunteered in the Scouting movement for over 23 years.  She is a VP for the Federal Liberal Association of

Dorval-Lachine-Lasalle.  She also volunteers with the Federal Liberal Association of Vaudreuil-Soulanges.

 Pat’s organizational skills will be an asset to MSNF.



                                                                                         Moses Chemtob       


    Moses is married and a father of 3 young children.  He is the Treasurer for MSNF.  He has worked for UPS

for past 20 years.  He also is on the Board of Directors for the West Island West Park Pool and manages

their communications.  He has been a great friend and mentor to the President and Founder of MSNF,

Maddie Pettigrosso.  Moses took the long journey with Maddie during Victoria’s illness and has been

dedicated to getting this wonderful charity working.  He is a great addition to the Board of MSNF and we

are fortunate to have



                                                                                             Lina De Fazio


Lina, is a Director for MSNF.  She is a mother of 2 children; one child was born with a rare disease and was

not able to be treated in Canada, however Lina did not stop with the answer no, she worked hard to get

treatments for her child and today she is an adult and working as a social worker in New York and her

other child is a well-known Doctor.  Lina has worked for UPS for the past 24 years as a team leader, and

trainer.  She also worked as a consultant for the Alouette Cosmetics and is a free-lance make-up artist.

Lina also volunteers with the Italian Church in Lachine.  She met Maddie Pettigrosso at UPS and became

friends and has walked the walk with Maddie during the time when Victoria became ill.  She has

dedicated herself to this organization and helps with lots of energy and always smiling.  We are very lucky

to have Lina in this wonderful organization





Lili is a mom, grandmother and great grandmother. Lili has had a career in human resources in the

federal government and was Director of Human Resources at the Canadian Space Agency when she


Her many skills and personal qualities will be used for the good of MSNF, who will benefit from her

training as a translator, her fine pen and her proficiency in both official languages.  MSNF is pleased to

count Lili among its volunteers.


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      Mariyka Beely              Volunteer

      Mariyka Beely


           Mariyka is a mother of 2 sons and is retired.  She recently joined MSNF as a volunteer after becoming

familiar with the organization through her son, who is married to our Founder Maddie Pettigrosso’s


 She has previously been involved in helping disadvantaged children enjoy camping weekends and has

    worked with senior residences to provide flowering plants to seniors to help brighten their environment.

    Before her retirement, Mariyka worked for 25 years as a Senior Tax Paralegal in a national law firm. Her

           contribution of organizational and research skills will be useful in helping MSNF raise funds to continue

its mission.



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                                                                                           Tina Chapman        

                                                                                 Volunteer( Parent)

Tina is a mom and a fierce advocate for children with special needs especially those with Autism.  She is a

founding member of the advocacy group Autism Alliance of Quebec.  She, with three other founding

members, put pressure on the Quebec Government to release the long awaited Autism Action Plan.  She

is now targeting the age cut off for therapy services and the lack of services in the school system.  

Tina is a great addition to the MSNF team as she understands the difficulties children with special needs

face. She also knows that it takes a village to raise enough funds to be able to help the children.  She is

fierce, friendly and capable of helping MSNF.  We are very fortunate to have her on our team.