BLAKE  – Occupational Therapy

BLAKE – Occupational Therapy

YASIN -ABA therapy and Occupational Therapy 2018

YASIN-ABA therapy and Occupational Therapy 2018

SHUTA  Speech Therapy 2018

SHUTA Speech Therapy 2018

ANDREAS - Speech Therapy 2018

ANDREAS- Speech Therapy 2018

SEFIKA  ABA (Applied Behavior) treatment 2018

SEFIKA ABA (Applied Behavior) treatment 2018

TINHINANE - Occupational Therapy 2018

TINHINANE- Occupational Therapy 2018

                                           PARENT'S TESTIMONIALS


“I have recently been granted support for my son, Yasin, who is six years old and on the Autism Spectrum. As a single mom I can tell you that finding the means to pay for my son's therapies has been more than challenging. I am forever grateful to MSNF because they have alleviated some of my stress; to know that Yasin can continue to get ABA therapy is truly a blessing. He has improved a great deal with ABA (and, more recently, occupational therapy) and I can't begin to tell you how important it is for these children to receive these therapies. Just over two years ago, he would speak in a monotone, almost robotic way, repeating the same things over and over, and now to hear him speak is simply amazing. Just over a year ago he was unable to hold a pencil properly, and now he can read and write. To see Yasin continue to improve, when I could not even imagine being where we are today, is a true testament to what the therapies can help these kids achieve”  

By Yasin’s mom

“MSNF has been a hero to my son Blake in a time when both he and I were suffering from lack of services and resources.  They are paying for Blake to have access to Occupational Therapy, which is one of the most expensive therapies that a child with Autism needs and he also deals with five other co-morbid conditions that affect his quality of life.  Without MSNF he would be suffering trying to live in a world that is not made for him”

Tina Chapman (Blake's Mom)

"MSNF gave my Angel hope and a reason to smile"

 Tina-Tinhinane's mom

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